Audio Store

Audio Store module for Magento 2

Audio Store

Turn your site into an online music distribution platform

A frontend and backend audio player integration for Magento 2 digital products, leveraging the core order process features.

Selling audio files online

Out of the box, Magento 2 offers a powerful system allowing to sell digital and downloadable products. This core feature is however not tailored specifically for the best user experience when purchasing audio files.

Audio Store for Magento 2 fills the gap by offering a frontend audio player and multiple controls for each digital product, which allows users to play samples of your catalog individually or in a playlist.

The audio player also implements a waveform generator, displaying the duration and graphical representation at a given time of the sound being played.

Full order and payment integration

Audio Store for Magento 2 leverages the core features and adds a frontend layer on top, for an improved product visibility a better user experience.

This integration doesn't alter any of the core features, but will instead widen the range of possibilities when it comes to selling audio files online.

Category view integration

In category views, users can browse a list of product files using a simple play button. The player pops up and allows an easy exploration of the audio catalog.

  • Category player integration
  • Assign player to any category
  • Playlist navigation

Product view integration

In product views, users can browse a list of product files belonging to a single product. The player pops up and allows an easy exploration of the product files.

  • Product player integration
  • Browse product files
  • Playlist navigation

Player configuration

Audio Store offers configuration options allowing to decide where to display the player. There are also controls for the allowed playable duration of the audio files.


Display settings

Audio Store offers a full set of controls allowing a full customisation of the look and feel of the frontend player. More advanced theming options remain available using class and view overrides.