Green Light SDK

Green Light SDK for Magento 2

Green Light SDK

Magento 2 application and interface builder

Leverage the power of DI (Dependency Injection) to create complex applications and user friendly interfaces in a matter of minutes.

Better applications, delivered faster

Magento 2 is one of the most popular Open Source e-commerce platforms available on the web. Its power offers great possibilities that come with a certain complexity. When it comes to building custom features, a serious development effort is usually required.

The CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations in particular require a lot of effort. The work - even though complex - often remains repetitive, time consuming and bug prone.

The Green Light SDK removes the complex and repetitive tasks by allowing you to generate full applications from a single location. All menu navigation, data listings, data forms, control buttons, data filters and other user interface tools are available out of the box.

Productivity and flexibility

Using the Green Light SDK, you can build in a few days applications that would otherwise take weeks to design. The SDK will do most of the work for you, while still preserving your ability to fully customise an integration at any stage of the development cycle.

List views

An example of list view generated from an entity data structure. The whole interface is generated from a single data structure defined in one file.

Tree views

An example of tree view generated from an entity data structure. The grid supports data filtering, data sorting, drag and drop, text search, and many other features.

Data editing

From a single data structure definition, the Green Light SDK handles the CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations. The application implements all the logic to read and update data, from the fields defined in the configuration file.

Data import and export

The Green Light SDK will provide out of the box all the logic required to import and export data for the entity fields defined in the configuration file.

Field types

The Green Light SDK can generate a wide variety of form fields for an application. In addition to the usual HTML field types (input, select, checkbox, radio options...), additional custom field types are available: calendar, color picker, switch, range...and data tables.