Menu Manager

Menu Manager - Menu Management for Magento 2

Menu Manager

Advanced menu manager for Magento 2

A unique set of features for Magento 2 stores, allowing full control over core and custom menus management, display and configuration.

The frontend navigation challenge

If you've ever built a store with Magento 2 as a developer or store owner, you probably know that managing a frontend navigation system often means hours of development and billing. Most advanced customisation tasks cannot be performed without technical knowledge.

It usually means that the store owner depends on a developer when work on a navigation system is needed. Sometimes, even for the smallest changes.

A definitive solution

Menu Manager for Magento 2 allows administrator and store owners to perform advanced customisation tasks on any frontend navigation element. Create custom menus, override core menus, generate menu links and sitemaps, without a single line of code or need for technical knowledge.

This unique integration will allow you to gain in autonomy and productivity when it comes to managing a store navigation system. Whether you are a store owner or a developer, centralising and automating menu management will translate in a productivity gain.

Menu management

Create and manage custom menus, override the core menus, customise menu parameters.

  • Add, delete, edit all menus
  • Override core menus
  • Manage menu permissions

Links Management

Create and customise menu links, generate core categories, products, stores and CMS pages.

  • Add, delete, edit menu links
  • Generate menu links
  • Customise menu links

Data management

Generate menu links, manage link types, import and export menu links, apply bulk actions.

  • Mass actions
  • Import and export menu links
  • Generate store, category, product and page links
  • Create custom links

SEO & Sitemaps

Generate standards compliant HTML and XML sitemaps for links, assign menus to sitemaps.

  • Manage link attributes
  • XML sitemap generator
  • HTML sitemap generator

Menu display

Manage unlimited menu depths and link tree hierarchies with a drag and drop interface.

  • Unlimited menu depth
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Tree hierarchy
  • Vertical and horizontal menus

Console commands

Generate menu sitemaps, menu links, export or import menu links, all from the command line.

  • Generate sitemaps
  • Generate menu links
  • Import and export menu links