Product Search

Product Search - Catalog Ajax search for Magento 2

Product Search

Enhance the search experience of your users

A powerful catalog search integration for Magento 2. Enhanced user interface, custom search engine for more accurate results, delivered faster. Product search results displayed in a preview box without page reload for a better user experience.

Improving the search experience

Product Search for Magento 2 offers a quick and easy to setup search widget that will override the core Magento search. This integration will effortlessly fit your frontend design, offering your users a better search experience.

The search widget uses AJAX queries to display search results while the user is typing, allowing a quick preview without page reload. Administrators can configure which fields are displayed for the previewed results.

Better results, delivered faster

Product Search for Magento 2 implements a custom search engine that delivers more relevant results, faster. Using an internal keywords database generated from the products available in the catalog, the search engine can process more data in less time.

The custom search engine also implements a score calculator for each keyword of your catalog, allowing to deliver more accurate results. For example, Product Search for Magento 2 will search keywords available in categories, where the core Magento 2 search engine searches only products.

Catalog search

Fast and intuitive search interface with a live results preview.

  • Search products/categories
  • Preview search results
  • Search suggestions

Search configuration

Full control over the search engine for administrators and more accurate results delivered faster for customers.

  • Keywords database
  • Multi language support
  • Search fields control

Theming and display

Configuration parameters are available to customise the aspect of the search fields. Advanced customisation is possible by extending the core application.

  • Easy customisation
  • Show/hide product fields
  • Theming configuration